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We develop robust and scalable industrial biological process technologies that economically
convert polluting gasses to high value platform chemical intermediates, without relying on unsustainable energy sources. 
Our technical approach uses a combination of synthetic biology, process engineering and computational analysis, and we deliver these technologies through strategic partnerships.
What We Do
Why We Do It

We are facing some of the toughest challenges we have ever faced: a global economy reliant on limited resources, and spiralling global warming caused by ever increasing emissions of greenhouse gasses by industry.


The bioeconomy is showing a lot of promise in addressing the economical, ecological and social impacts of these challenges.

How We Do It
Technology Delivery Through Partnerships


We operate a licensing business model through which we will develop and deliver our technologies to our partners, and create long-term value in our technology platform and our business.
Daniel Read
B.Sc (Hons), MRSB

Founding Scientist & CEO

Daniel has 14 years’ experience in the biotechnology sphere, with technical expertise which covers fermentation development and optimisation, process engineering, product development, production and pilot facility management, downstream processing, technology transfer and statistical analysis. He has held roles which cover the full development cycle from conception, to commercialisation, and from manufacture through to sales, and so has a unique grasp on the necessities for the commercialisation of technologies.

Founding Scientist & CSO

In early 2018, we will be bringing in another founding scientist as our Chief Scientific Officer. They will fulfil their vision of applying their expertise in metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and strain development by developing, managing and executing our R&D programme, and will play an essential part in our commercialisation strategy.


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David Strong
B.Sc.(Hons.), D.Phil.(Oxon.),


David is a Director and early stage investor in Cyanetics. He leads on the renewable energy and thermodynamic aspects of the development. He is a visiting professor at the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development and also an honorary professor at the University of Nottingham. David is currently Chairman of REAL Energy Assurance Ltd., which undertakes administration of of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code and renewable energy Certification Schemes.

Glynn Read
Programme Director & Secetary

An early stage investor in Cyanetics, Glynn worked in the IT environment for many years in senior roles including team management, service
management, support management, project management and programme management. He subsequently set up and ran his own company, providing contract project and programme management services and has also been a director of a property development company, providing both project management and company secretary services. Glynn gives strong management foundations for complex projects.

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